What do your cattle ear tags tell you?


What if you could easily identify sick, un-healthy, or under performing cattle?

  • Lowers death-loss
  • Cuts the spread of disease
  • Lowers treatment rate
  • More efficient pen-riders
  • Optimize weight gain rates
  •  Faster sorting and treatment of sick animals

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Minimal setup required

Highly scalable working, in the small to the very largest of operations, we built the system to be minimally invasive and to fit into existing processes.

  • Plug and Play.
  • Short setup time and non-invasive installation
  • Scalable
  • Pick-up tags from 1-2 miles in range
  • Low learning curve that fits into existing processes and systems already in place

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Easy to use Portal accessible on any device

We built our system with ease of use, security, accessibility, and automation in mind, to help managers make quick decisions and to create greater efficiency for pen riders.

  • Role Based User Dashboard
  • Analytics
  • On-demand Reports
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Customizable Alerts
  • Accessible from anywhere on any device

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Which of these cattle aren’t healthy?


With sensors and a data platform that sends alert notifications there is no more guess work involved. Now you can know exactly which animal is sick within hours rather than days. Get actionable data to make the right decisions.

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