Feedlot Health Management Tags & Software

Feedlot Health Management Tags and Software

Identifying and treating sick cattle has been done the same for years.

Pen riders visually inspect cattle everyday to determine animal health and identify any diseases or abnormalities. Feedlots place a great deal of trust in their rider’s to ensure these cattle are identified and treated promptly.

Traditionally human’s determine the health

Once identified, the animal’s disease is diagnosed and recorded using various cattle health management platforms. This leaves data vulnerable to human error, which can create holes and misinformation to be recorded. Quantified Ag is working with actual data from the cattle to help pinpoint and understand the underlying disease of the animal. Biometric sensors, connected to cattle ear tags, gather information and talk to our cloud based software to deliver accurate realtime health reports of individual animals at the feed yard.

How could identifying sick cattle early help your operation?

  • improve economic returns
  • create more efficient pen riders
  • enhance cattle health care
  • increase feedlot efficiency
  • more judicious use of antibiotics
  • lower death-loss

Quantified Ag’s Simple Process

Our smart ear tags are individually monitoring the health status of the cattle at your feedlot. The ear tags collect and send encrypted biometric and behavioral data wirelessly to a central receiver.

Our system creates alerts and sends them the feedlot manager’s online dashboard in real time.

Set-up is easy

The system requires one receiver for up to 60,000 head and can be set-up in minutes. All that is needed is a 120-volt power outlet and internet connection. After install your ready to start viewing health alerts from cattle tagged with our smart ear tags.

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