Smart Cattle Ear Tags

Our smart cattle ear tags are the most advanced biometric and behavior-tracking ear tags for feedlot and backgrounded cattle. The simple platform allows users to track animal health data from one receiver throughout their entire yard, both receiving and sending signals to each animal’s┬átag.

The benefits of our cattle tags

  • lowers death loss
  • lower performance losses to disease
  • less reliance on therapeutic antibiotics
  • increased efficiency of health management and labor
  • proactive stress management from weather and disease outbreaks
  • the foundation for site-based traceability

Set-up is simple

  1. plug the receiver into any wall outlet
  2. connect the receiver to any internet connection
  3. tag cattle with the smart ear tags
  4. start viewing health alerts from any internet-connected device

The smart ear tags take a proactive approach at identifying sick cattle. They constantly monitor for sick cattle and alert pen checkers when they are identified.

Flagged cattle show up on the users mobile platform and help the pen riders to find sick cattle early. The user can turn on a bright LED light to help find the animals that need attention.

Treatment information as well as lot and performance data can be stored on our secure cloud based server. The health data is encrypted with the same technology that banks and hospitals use. The online portal allows users to access and run meaningful reports of all their newly collected data.