Stocker/ Backgrounder Health Management Tags & Software

Stocker/ Backgrounder Health Management Tags & Software

Importance of healthy calves at the backgrounder

Utilizing backgrounders (stockers) to get cattle up to feed and in good health can play a very important role prior to cattle entering the feedlot. These calves have just been weaned and are going through an important growth and training stage before they enter the feedlot. Cattle are learning how to eat at the bunk and consuming a concentrate diet, all while battling any new diseases and stressors.

With labor shortages at the feedlot, backgrounders and stockers are an increasingly important step in feeding cattle. ┬áThese calves can require constant attention tying up much of management’s time.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016,

Pen rider uses the mobile app to identify sick cattle.

Quantified Ag’s Smart Ear Tag Provides

  • constant 24 hours a day monitoring
  • real time health alerts and updates
  • individual health management and health records
  • early identification of sick cattle
  • improved record keeping

Our technology puts “eyes” on the cattle at all times.

  • time and labor saving
  • animal illness prediction
  • reduce disease outbreaks

Stocker/ Backgrounder Management Tags & Software