Quantified Ag is a precision livestock data analytics company that provides a sensor and software on a subscription basis to cattle producers in the concentrated feeding industry. One of the biggest problems for cattle producers is that sick animals aren’t identified early and accurately. The significant costs associated with inaccurate detection, unnecessary treatment, high death loss, and lost performance hinder efficiency and profitability. Through early detection, Quantified Ag’s system helps reduce costs by lowering re-treatment rates and death loss, and getting animals back to peak performance.

Quantified Ag’s system includes ear tags, a custom tagging tool, receiver units, and a data analysis tool set (see Figure 1). Tags fastened to the ear collect biometric and behavioral data, which transmit data to a receiver. This receiver sends the collected data to secure cloud servers through an internet connection. Proprietary algorithms flag an animal showing signs of illness, which alerts owners via smart phone, tablet, email, SMS, or secure website. In addition, an LED flashing light on the tag is toggled for easy visual identification. The data analysis tool set includes a private and secure customer dashboard to see reports and analyses of live or historical data. The company is patent pending on the ear tag, ear attachment design, custom tagging tool, and receiver communications protocol.

Early detection using Quantified Ag’s system assists in optimizing weight gain rates, faster sorting, and treatment of sick animals, which can lead to lowered death loss, a reduction in the number of drug treatments, and can allow for biosecurity and proactive processes (should outbreaks occur), and can impact labor and manpower issues.

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