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We Simplify Animal Health Management

We’ve developed the best cattle ear tags to monitor cattle health

Our vision is to give animal health management a more integrated livestock health platform and to provide actionable information for improved sick animal detection and treatment decisions. Our animal health management system provides a reliable, innovative, and clear focus that we are aiming to transform the livestock management with cutting edge technology on a global scale.

Why Choose Our Animal Health Management System?


Using our technology allows you to remove the visual guesswork it takes to identify sick cattle. Our system provides insight that allows for objective Precision Livestock® management of cattle health. Our smart ear tag system and objective alerts give pen riders the tools needed to focus on the animals that actually need attention.

Identify Sick Animals Earlier & More Accurately

The Quantified Ag® Tag picks up on cattle ear canal temperature and behavior patterns to identify illness before they show visual indicators.

Early Illness Detection Equals Faster Treatment Interventions

The sooner an illness is treated the easier the recovery will be for your cattle.

Improve Labor Efficiency & Spend Less Time Looking For Sick Animals

Now, more than ever, Pen Rider’s can devote their time toward illness prevention rather than finding animals who are already suffering from illness.