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Quantified Ag® Tag

The best cattle ear tag to monitor animal health

Our Quantified Ag® Tag measures behavioral and biometric data to monitor health on each individual animal 24/7. This gives our cattle ear tag a high probability to identify sickness in an animal the moment it starts to affect them. Making our tag the most advanced and best cattle ear tag on the market to identify sick outliers.

Best Cattle Ear Tag That Detects Illness

Its the most advanced ear tag on the market

Our Quantified Ag® Tag is a smart cattle ear tag that delivers advanced biometric and behavior-tracking ear tags for feedlot and backgrounder operations. Our simple platform allows users to track animal health data from one receiver throughout their entire yard, both receiving and sending signals to each animal’s tag.

Other Key Features

Uses Industry Standard Pinning Technique

This allows you to apply our tag to the animal’s ear as you normally would in your operation.

Designed For Reusability

Use the same tag and assign it to another animal to get double the use from one tag.

Remotely Activate The LED Light

Turn any ear tag’s LED light on remotely.

Waterproof And Durable Enclosure

Built to withstand the dirt and grime of everyday use.

Beef Supply Chain


Our cattle ear tag paired with our Precision Livestock™ Hub is a lightweight system that can easily be setup at the backgrounder, feedlot, and packer. The Quantified Ag® Tags then automatically check in at each location creating a data trail for the cattle. Making documentation for each animal easier than ever before.