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The Team At Quantified Ag®

We are diverse people with diverse skills. Together we innovate new technology that improves animal health in livestock industies around the world. If you need to speak with someone please email us.

Director Of Machine Intelligence

After earning his degree in Physics from the University of British Columbia, Aaron worked at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and Research Institute and the University of Calgary in Jason de Koning’s lab. There he developed and implemented more realistic models of sequence evolution under complex functional constraints. He did his graduate training in Bioinformatics, developing novel statistical and computational approaches for large-scale genomic inference and analysis, focusing on cancer.

I am interested in AI, machine learning, Bayesian inference, and probabilistic graphical models, particularly in its application to medical genetics.

Director of Customer Experience

Alex is the Business Development Manager at Quantified Ag®. He grew up in Yankton, SD and spent much of his time on the family’s farm and cattle feeding operation. There he had the opportunity to learn all about business and every aspect of cattle feeding. He knew at an early age that caring for beef cattle would be his lifelong passion. While at home, he had the chance to work for a computer company that kept him engaged in the latest technology trends. Alex earned a degree in Animal Science and minor in Entrepreneurship from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. These life experiences gave him a unique perspective that helps to move the beef industry forward.

I am interested in applying new technologies and perspectives to the cattle business with the goal of improving beef and customer satisfaction.

User Experience & Interface Designer

Brenna is a user experience and user interface designer. She grew up in Lincoln, NE and attended the Creative Center college of art and design in Omaha, NE where she obtained her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design. With over 8 years of experience as a designer, she has learned, good design is human-centered and great design is user refined.

We stand at a crossroads between technology and design. Technology can't communicate it's value to humans without strategic UI design. UI design only coexists with new solutions technology provides to the humans who need it. I am interested in the ability designer's have to save people time through comprehensive design alongside new technologies. As I see it, the most valuable thing we possess is our time. Who knows what great things people can achieve with more of it in their day-to-day.

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Brian Schupbach is Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Quantified Ag®. Brian has a Computer Science background and leads the technical team's development and strategy for the company's current analytics platform and IoT infrastructure. Brian’s other professional experience includes 15 years in the software industry. He has worked with small startups, higher education institutions, nonprofits, as well as with fortune 500 companies. His roles have included Executive Management, Senior Engineer, Senior Technology Leader, Project/Team Lead, and Enterprise Architect. Brian has also owned and operated a successful Software Consulting business as well as created and sold technologies he developed. Brian is passionate about open source technology, entrepreneurship, and solving real-world problems using technology.

Brian’s passion for Agriculture Technology, hard work, and ability to explain technical concepts to both technical and non-technical users makes him a great asset to the Quantified Ag® team.

Chief Financial Officer

Brett brings with him a great deal of finance and senior strategic experience related to the manufacturing and technology markets. Over his career, Mr. Moller has specialized in many areas of finance including M&A, FP&A, Treasury, Investor Relations, Capital Markets - Debt and Equity, IT, Management Leadership, and Board Governance. Mr. Moller has over 25 years of financial leadership experience.

Data Analyst Intern

Born and raised in Nebraska Chris gained his formal education from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln where he received his undergraduate degree in Computational Neuroscience. Currently, he is completing his Master’s degree in computer science with a focus on deep learning applications in time series research. He is interested in all things involving the study of learning in computers; specifically, applications of unsupervised time series data or anything artificial and neural network-related is where his focus lies.

Software Engineer

DevOps Engineer

David was born in Enghien-Les-Bains and raised in Normandy, France. He attended college in Cergy Pontoise at ITIN which is now known as ITESCIA where he earned his BAC +4 or the equivalent of his masters here in the states. David has 20+ years of experience as a DevOps Engineer working in companies like Perfect Circle Distribution Europe, 3M, and LeasePlan. Through the years David has developed more interest in the open-source world.

I learned about Nebraska when I met my wife in Paris, France. My wife grew up in Nebraska, so eventually, we decided to move to Lincoln where we would grow our family and raise our son.

CEO and Founder

Vishal Singh is CEO and Founder of Quantified Ag®. He was born and raised in his formative years in the metropolitan city of New Delhi, India. His family then moved to a small farming community in Nebraska in the mid-'80s. This was his first exposure to the world of agriculture.

Vishal has worked in the computing industry, first with PC Today and Smart Computing magazines and then in the video game industry. He has over 18 years of experience in the Agriculture Technology (AgTech) industry, with projects ranging from 3D visualizations of animal anatomy to mobile apps and website development. He has developed custom drones for plant crop imaging and previously completed projects with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and individual state beef councils. Additionally, Vishal has experience in project and team management, interactive technology component design, including user interface and usability through web and mobile applications. Vishal has experience with analytics and dashboarding for valuable insights in a variety of areas in agriculture. Vishal’s undergraduate degree is in computer graphics/visual communications. His master’s degree is in broadcast where he completed user interface usability research.

Why Choose Our System?


Our technology allows livestock industries to remove a large portion of the visual guesswork it takes to identify sick cattle. Our cattle ear tags paired with our Precision Livestock® health alerts provide insight that allows for objective animal health management. We have the best cattle ear tags for identifying an illness in cattle that augment pen riders and give them the tools needed to focus on the animals that need attention.

Identify Sick Animals Earlier & More Accurately

The Quantified Ag® Tag picks up on cattle ear canal temperature and behavior patterns to identify illness before they show visual indicators.

Early Illness Detection Equals Faster Treatment Interventions

The sooner an illness is treated the easier the recovery will be for your cattle.

Improve Labor Efficiency & Spend Less Time Looking For Sick Animals

Now, more than ever, Pen Rider’s can devote their time toward illness prevention rather than finding animals who are already suffering from illness.