Our Team


Vishal Singh is CEO and Founder of Quantified Ag. He was born and raised in his formative years in the metropolitan city of New Delhi, India. His family then moved to a small farming community in Nebraska in the mid 80’s. This was his first exposure to the world of agriculture.

Vishal has worked in the computing industry, first with PC Today and Smart Computing magazines and then in the video game industry. He has over 14 years experience in the Agriculture Technology (AgTech) industry, with projects ranging from 3D visualizations of animal anatomy to mobile apps and website development. He has developed custom drones for plant crop imaging and previously completed projects with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and individual state beef councils. Additionally, Vishal has experience in project and team management, interactive technology component design, including user interface and usability through web and mobile applications. Vishal has experience with analytics and dash boarding for valuable insights in a variety of areas in agriculture. Vishal’s undergraduate degree is in computer graphics/visual communications. His master’s degree is in broadcast where he completed user interface usability research.


Andrew Uden is Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder at Quantified Ag. He grew up on a cattle feeding and cow/calf operation started by his father in central Nebraska. Growing up working on the feedlot he was able to learn the trade and experience the growth of the business first hand before leaving for college. While at the University of Nebraska Andrew took advantage of travel opportunities working with different mission organizations in Africa for several summers before studying abroad in Aberdeen, Scotland. After finishing up a semester of economics, Andrew interned in Australia with a top Angus bull breeder and an Australian Agricultural Company. Upon his return he worked with Certified Piedmontese selling beef and helping manage the startup’s inventory before joining the UNL Livestock Judging team to travel and compete for the University of Nebraska. Andrew received his bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from the University of Nebraska in 2012, where he made an effort to work in nearly every segment of the beef value chain before graduating.

After graduation Andrew headed to Russia to work with Russian Angus Genetics in a summer-long mass synchronization and artificial insemination program. Upon his return to the U.S. Andrew took a nine-month intensive discipleship internship with the National Student Leadership Foundation (NSLF). After his time in Washington D.C. with the NSLF Andrew returned to the University of Nebraska to pursue a Master’s of Applied Science degree, focused on Strategic Investment into African Livestock Value Chains. He recently graduated, after a year and a half of extensive work with Dr. Ronnie Green, Dr. Tom Field, Dr. Deepak Keshwani, the Engler Entrepreneurship Program and Heartland Global, a private agri-investment firm from Iowa. Currently, Andrew lives in Lexington, Nebraska, where he is co-running his family’s cow/calf operation, and also managing the data and technology services of Darr Feedlot Inc. for their customers and stockholders.


Brian Schupbach is Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at Quantified Ag. Born and raised in Lincoln, NE, Brian’s earliest software coding experience began at an early age with his passion for technology only increasing over time. At the University of Nebraska Lincoln Brian was a Computer Science major and Math minor, but he left senior year to help build a local startup. He later received a degree in Management Information Systems from Depaul University in Chicago, IL. In 2013 Brian placed 2nd in an International contest for Liferay’s App Marketplace (a leading open source portal / CMS platform). Brian holds several technical certifications and is an avid learner.

Brian’s professional experience includes 15 years in the software industry as an Engineer, Senior Technology Leader, Project/Team Manager, and Enterprise Architect, delivering mission critical applications on time and on budget. Brian is passionate about open source technology, web portals, entrepreneurship, learning, and solving real world problems using software technology. In his previous positions Brian has worked as a Software Engineer at Lincoln, NE startup, a Senior Software Developer at the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at The University of Nebraska Lincoln, has owned and operated a successful Software Consulting business, and at his most recent position at the University of Nebraska Foundation, he acted as Senior Director of Software Development and Technology. Brian’s passion for Agriculture Technology, hard work, and ability to explain technical concepts to both technical and non-technical users makes him a great asset to the Quantified Ag team.

Along with the 3 founders, Quantified Ag has a talented team helping to build the system.

If you are a talented, hardworking individual who has a passion for software, big data, IoT, or the cattle industry, please email careers@quantifiedag.com