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Importance Of Healthy Calves At The Backgrounder

Utilizing stockers and backgrounders to get cattle up to feed and in good health can play a very important role prior to cattle entering the feedlot. These calves have just been weaned and are going through an important growth and training stage before they enter the feedlot. Cattle are learning how to eat at the bunk and consuming a concentrate diet, all while battling any new diseases and stressors.

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Calves Require Constant Attention

With labor shortages at the feedlot, backgrounders and stockers are an increasingly important step in feeding cattle.  These calves can require constant attention tying up much of management’s time.

Pen rider uses the mobile app to identify sick cattle.

Our Technology Puts “Eyes” On The Cattle At All Times.

  • Time and labor saving
  • Animal illness prediction
  • Reduces disease outbreaks

The Quantified Ag® Tag a smart cattle ear tag provides

  • Constant 24 hours a day monitoring
  • Real-time health alerts and updates
  • Individual health management and health records
  • Early identification of sick cattle
  • Improved record-keepingy
  • Increased efficiency of health management and labor

What is Quantified Ag®?

Quantified Ag® simplifies animal health management by monitoring animals 24/7 with our smart ear tag (Quantified Ag® Tag). Our tag augments pen riders by identifying sick animals in feedlots and backgrounding operations before they show visual signs of illness. Proven benefit’s of our system include an improvement to overall animal health, increased efficiency of management and labor, proactive disease outbreaks, and gives you the potential to realize new marketing opportunities, like the justification of antibiotic usage.

Quantified Ag® Has A Simple Process

Our smart ear tags are individually monitoring the health status of the cattle at your feedlot. Each ear tag collects and sends encrypted biometric and behavioral data wirelessly to a central receiver.

Our system generates health alerts and sends them to an online pull list that can be accessed on a mobile phone or printed off from our cloud-based management software.

Why Choose Our System?


Using our technology allows you to remove the visual guesswork it takes to identify sick cattle. Our system provides insight that allows for objective Precision Livestock® management of cattle health. Our smart ear tag system and objective alerts give pen riders the tools needed to focus on the animals that actually need attention.

Identify Sick Animals Earlier & More Accurately

The Quantified Ag® Tag picks up on cattle ear canal temperature and behavior patterns to identify illness before they show visual indicators.

Early Illness Detection Equals Faster Treatment Interventions

The sooner an illness is treated the easier the recovery will be for your cattle.

Improve Labor Efficiency & Spend Less Time Looking For Sick Animals

Now, more than ever, Pen Rider’s can devote their time toward illness prevention rather than finding animals who are already suffering from illness.

Value Proposition

Animal Health Monitoring

From the Backgrounder through the animal’s full life at the feedyard. Traditional methods for identifying sick animals in cattle operations is very limited. Research shows that the current method of diagnosing sick animals isn’t very effective. This is why Quantified Ag® built an objective remote monitoring ear tag that can help cattle producers find sick animals earlier and more accurately.


Manage various animal health risks objectively. Improve animal health outcomes by identifying illness earlier & more accurately.


Labor efficiency improved, save time looking for sick cattle (LED Lights) by sending Pen Riders to pens with health alerts. Reduce your reliance on skilled labor.


Create new valuable marketing opportunities with the ability to share your data with Packers/Retailers. Making it simple for you to verify the responsible use of antimicrobials.


Our tag and software paired together give you the opportunity to be proactive about disease outbreak at your operation. Activate the QA Tag lights for easier withdrawal and sorting. Private reporting and analytics give you insight about your cattle operation like never before.

Beef Supply Chain


Our Precision Livestock® Hub can be setup at the backgrounder, feedlot, and packer. The tags then automatically check in at each location creating a data trait for the cattle.